Preferred Hotel Rates for Scottsdale Golf

Steve and Tedd, owners of Pinnacle Golf Vacations, have been taking care of Scottsdale's traveling golfers for longer than either is comfortable admitting - that means decades - plural, yes, with an 's', decades.

Veteran players know them both: Steve as the Scottsdale Open's own legendary "Ivor Robson-ish" first tee starter, and Tedd, from his trophy winning performances in the tournament.
They've teed up several Scottsdale Open over the years and will be happy to help you custom tailor an accommodations itinerary that fits your group's golf trip needs.
As you cobble together your itinerary, don't hesitate to email Steve or email Tedd for a quick room quote. Whether you need advice about Scottsdale's golf courses, resort properties, hotel rooms, dining venues or off-course libations, you won't miss a shot when you have one of these guys pulling clubs for you.
Telephone 1.855.557.4653 for all the details or visit
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